Why I’m Running

I get asked this question a lot. A few years ago, Bennett – my husband – and I had a choice to make about where we wanted to live and raise our family. We chose Atlanta, Georgia and the neighborhood we live in today for the following reasons:

    The future of our great state rests on how successful we are in educating our young Georgians. This is why education is near and dear to me. I support all forms of education: homeschooling, private and public schools and, overall, the parents’ choice to decide what is best for their child. I believe education is more than schooling; it is a range of activities by which families and communities teach a younger generation not just knowledge and skills, but ethics, right from wrong, societal norms, and traditions. Parents and a child’s community should be a child’s first and foremost education. Within this, we cannot have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to our education system. School administrators and teachers need flexibility. Administrators need flexility to innovate and enforce accountability at every level. I support choice-based, parent driven accountability at every stage of schooling, and my priorities as a state legislator will always reflect this.

    Atlanta, Georgia is home to some of America’s biggest economic engines, but it is also home to a seemingly unlimited number of small businesses and non-profits that help shape the backbone of America free enterprise. With Atlanta’s proximity to the vast array of economic resources, Bennett and I chose this as home because we wanted to contribute to part of America’s economic engine. I will always support initiatives that protects and promotes this economic vitality.

    Make no mistake, crime is on the rise. I’ve spent the last few years of my life fighting crime as the Deputy District Attorney of Fulton County. I know firsthand the fight that is ahead of us to get crime under control, and I will wake up every day with that as my number one priority. We cannot let crime be a deterrent to economic success or our children’s futures. Whether that is petty crime in our local neighborhoods, gang violence in Atlanta as a whole, or international crime using Fulton County as a conduit to larger activities; they must be stopped!

    I want to be your voice in the Georgia Legislature. I will work tirelessly day and night to be responsive and accessible to you. If you ever need anything, you can reach me at lyndseyrudder@gmail.com.

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